Saturday, July 16, 2011


Homeschool is a very integral part of our life these days.  My son is five years old and very smart.  I love homeschooling him and have very strong opinions on why I do.  I was raised in a small town and went to a public school.  I was by no means gifted or considered anything other than below average.  I had problems in mathematics and a well-meaning school system thought this meant that I should be in special education for most of my classes.  I barely graduated by the skin of my teeth and was told that my "situation" changed things for the better in later years with other special ed kids.  I am not sure about all that but I am glad I made a small difference.

When we adopted our son five years ago I began to become one of those mom's.  You know the ones, kind of wrapped up in making sure I did everything right.  I still try.  My son when he was two weeks old I put him on the floor with a ball.  I saw him looking at the colors and trying hard to move the ball.  It had a bell inside that would ring and it was brightly colored.  He was actually playing.  It confused me, greatly.  Hadn't so many people said to me that babies were not capable of these things.  I continued to put different things around him.  I wanted to engage him. 

When he was six months old, I began to notice how engaged he was into everything I said.  I wondered if all the late night tv commercials for early learning systems were right.  I set out to see.  I began to collect flashcards. (Thanks to my wonderful mother in law who shops :) ) I put him into a highchair and got to work.  First I showed him the alphabet.  I then began to notice him forming letters with his mouth.  We worked on them daily.  He liked to do it.  He smiled cooed and pointed to the letters.  Then almost as if overnight it happened by the time he turned a year old he knew his ABC's.

Now he is five and in a second grade curriculum.  Is my child intelligent?  Yes.  Is he a genius? Yes.  Do I believe all children can be geniuses? Yes.  I think all children have the capacity to learn to the highest ability.  Have I not seen it in my own child, I would not believe it.  I know this seems like a crazy notion.  I am not an expert.  By no means do I think a child should be pushed beyond their limits.  Children are a gift from God and I struggle everyday to remember that it is a blessing to be a mother. 

I have so many opinions on things.  You can ask anyone that knows me.  I love to homeschool.  I love my family.  I would love to share information and receive feedback.